I.V. – C.T. – E.A. – R.Z. – L.B.


I.V. – C.T. – E.A. – R.Z. – L.B., 2019.

Clemens Tremmel „He likes his Struwwelpeter hairstyle and would rather live in a faraway island.“ Komodo dragon, Studio visit, 2019. INSTA @clemenstremmel

Ivana de Vivanco „Her interests include body parts… and also becoming a rockstar.“ Rockstar – Studio visit 2019. INSTA @ivanadevivanco.

Leif Borges „He paints while sitting in his warm chair.“ place to be – Studio visit, 2019. INSTA @leifborges

Robin Zöffzig „He bought this gun from China and wanted to show off his favorite hat.“ Yunnan Dian Hong, Studio visit, 2019. INSTA @robin.zoeffzig

Ellen Akimoto „She has various uses for chopsticks.“ Cool happy duck super bubble gum, studio visit, 2019. INSTA @ellenakimoto.